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Part No : W28392



Wynn’s Diesel Particulate Filter Regenerator, for professional use, is a chemical treatment for diesel engines that clears blocked particulate filters and reduces soot emissions.

  • Easily cleans and regenerates a blocked diesel soot filter without dismantling.
  • Catalyst for optimized combustion and decreased soot build-up.
  • Reduces the combustion temperature of soot so that the soot particles burn faster and at a lower temperature.
  • Avoids frequent maintenance costs related to the manual regeneration of the blocked soot filter.
  • Especially suited for city driving cycles.
  • Reduces the accumulation of soot particles in the filter.
  • Can be used in combination with built-in regeneration systems.
  • Super-fast result!
  • Regeneration process starts immediately.
  • Has a cleaning effect on the outlet side of the turbo.
  • Harmless for all after-treatment systems.
  • Meets Euro 5/Euro 6 standard.
  • EN590 compatible.